Hi-Pot Testers are electrical safety testers to ensure electrical insulation are adequate to withstand high voltage. The EEC Hi-Pot testers offered comes with a robust set of features such as high output rating, ARC detection, ramp-high, charge-low, and fast discharge that enhance the overall testing efficiency and safety with prevention of common errors and detection of dielectric breakdowns during the test of the device-under-test.



Compact Design

The EEC EST-300 Hi-Pot Tester series has high operational flexibility and portability with dimensions of A4 paper and 5.5kg only.


Higher Accuracy

The ramp-high and charge-low functions of EEC EST-300 Hi-Pot Tester series eliminate common judgement errors.


Peak Quality Assurance

The built-in ARC detection capability of EEC EST-300 Hi-Pot Tester series eliminate poor gap spacing and prevent dielectric breakdowns.


3-in-1 System

The EEC EST-300 Hi-Pot Tester series integrated AC/DC withstand, and insulation resistance testing features into a single solution.


Faster Discharge

The EEC exclusive fast-discharge technology allow the DUT to release excess electricity within 50ms to ensure maximum operator safety.


TÜV Certified

The EEC EST-300 Hi-Pot Tester series is world-class reliable safety test that is certified by TUV (TUV EN 61326-1).


Specifications and Parameters

EST-300 MODEL EST-310 EST-320 EST-330
AC 5kVAC/20mA
DCW 6kVDC/7.5mA
IR  1kVdc/50GΩ
DIMENSION (W*H*D) 215 * 88.1 * 300mm
WEIGHT 5.46kg